Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brand New Year!!!

  So today is officially January 1, 2011. And one thing is for sure I'm so excited for a brand New Year!!!
I know God is going to do some great things.
Not just in my life but in the life of others around me.
Even though i'm not so excited for school to start this monday, the only thing that excites me about that is that it's a new chance to show others God's love in my life.
Lately i've been thinking more on how i can just show my schoolmates God's Love and his power.
I've been asking God on how i can really reach this generation when i feel like now a days teenagers are so distracted with pointless things.
We're missing the point of our lives, we're wasting our full potential to change the world.

I know that saying " how can i really make a difference"? , i've said it a couple of times myself. But you'd be surprised that the smallest act can truly make a difference.

A smile.A hug.A kind word.A dollar to the homeless person on the street. All these are all random acts of kindness, the simplest things ever, yet these small acts can truly impact in a big way, ways that sometimes are unseen by us but not by the person who recieved it, nor by God.

So yes even us teenagers can truly make a difference to this world.

I leave with this one note,
next time you see a person in need go out and help them.
Open the door for someone, give a smile to the friend that is sad, give a hug to your little brother, say a kind word to that person in the supermarket.
 Start the year with a new mentality, one to help others, because if you help someone your not only helping them but also yourslef.

May God Bless you this year with his love, peace, joy and his kindness.

"When I said, My foot is slipping, Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, held me up. " Psalm 94:18
                                                                          Love, Cristal

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  1. This really has inspired me :3
    Your words always move me to tears. How so? I don't know. I'm gonna make it a ritual of sorts? lol of reading this everyday if I have to :)