Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Social Media Can Prevent You From Being "Social"

Now don't get me wrong, I love this thing we call social media just as much as the next person who owns any sort of technology. But when we get real and honest don't we agree that Social Media can become a bit...dare I say it, annoying. Not that it's bad posting about what we did today, or the day before, but honestly do you really want other people to know what you're doing every single second of the day? Okay I know that not all social media sites promote this type of behavior to take place, Or that everyone who has any Social Media does this all the time. But how would you like to meet with friends and forget to look into their eyes for one on one communication because you're too busy looking down at your phone on a social site? 

Or what if you were going through something difficult in your life and you are telling your friend how terrible you feel, only to find their heads bowed in full concentration on a man made device than on the words you are telling them. Ouch. I know that wouldn't make me a happy camper. In fact I'm pretty sure I would be pretty hurt because the attention of my friend is no longer fully invested in our conversation, or friendship, but in fact on what is going on in the lives of everyone in a virtual community of people that are on social media.

Why not be unconventional for a change and do something different with your time. Or instead of taking a picture of that really delicious meal in front of you, put the phone down and be fully present. Be in the moment. Take it in. Make memories. Go outside without your phone. Enjoy nature to its fullest. Listen to the people in front of you. Show them you care by giving them your undivided attention. Don't be like everyone else and miss the best moments that cellphones can't capture, the beauty of just living life to the fullest without a care of who's watching you. Put the phone down and go enjoy every moment life has to offer! May God bless you, and may you enjoy the life you've been given to the very fullest!!! 

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life." -Eckhart Tolle