Thursday, December 29, 2011

God is Faithful

   It's been 4 months since i have written on here, and so much has happened i don't even know where to begin. I guess i will start by giving God all the glory, honor, and praise. 

About a year ago i remember God speaking to me about starting a bible club at my school. I began to have a strong desire to see the teens at my school being touched by God's amazing love. I started to pray and seek God, i asked him to guide and lead me into his perfect will. 
So one day i went to the activities director and asked her if i could possibly start a bible club at school. She said i had to write a letter to the principal asking her for permission.
And so my challenge began i prayed and i wrote her a letter, i even went to go speak to her in person. But for some reason i never got into contact with her. 

I felt i had tried hard enough to speak to the principal, but i was wrong. Even though i tried to talk to her i never went back and tried again. I wasn't persistent. I gave up very quickly. Why? Because i was scared of rejection, i was afraid things wouldn't go right and i didn't TRUST that God would help me and give me strength to go on. 

I continued to pray, silently hoping somehow God would do something about the club. 
My sophomore year ended and i had forgotten about the club, thinking it would never happen. 

Junior year kicked in and i was excited/sad to start my second to last year in high school. I felt i had a limited amount of time to bring God to my school. I had a strong urgency to bring hope to the hopeless. October of 2011 came by and one of my close friends  told me about a bible club meeting and that i should go with her. 

I cannot tell you what i felt at that moment. My heart skipped a beat and i couldn't believe what she told me. I went to the meeting and was immediately moved by God's Faithfulness. 

It's been 3 months since all this and so many things have happened since the first meeting. I now have new Christian friends at school. Friends that i know God has amazing plans for. And now we have a place to gather together in Jesus name to hear about his love for the lost and broken, and to grow as Children of God.To unite as one in his name and make a difference in this world. 
However, I have to give God all the Glory for doing this, because he was Faithful in his promise to me. He promised he would start a bible club at my school, and that i would be a part of it. And he even gave me the privilege to be a part of the office board. Which i have no idea how that happened! But Praise God for being so Faithful and true. I know he's going to do some mighty things in my school, in my family, in this world. Pray God would use this generation to rock this world, because i know he is able to,and i know that he will. 

God is Able to do beyond what we can hope, dream, or imagine. 

I thank you all for reading this!!! I pray God May Bless you and make his face shine upon you!! He loves you so much!!! <3 

P.S. Here is a video about God's Faithfulness. 


  1. Love this, and it's so funny I was listening to the song on my IPod when I saw you had a new post lol. God is able and always faithful!!!

  2. Wow that's crazy!!! God is so amazing!!! (: